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Loom Knitted Bouclé Scarves

Bouclé is an interesting type of material that may be made into fabric or yarn. As far as yarn is concerned, I’ve only seen it primarily made out of acrylic fiber, sometimes mixed with another fiber, such as nylon. 

I’ve found that it’s difficult using bouclé yarn whether in crocheting or knitting, because of its unique texture. However, it works well in loom knitting.

I had a particular boucle yarn in a green-yellow ombré color (I also have blue), which I bought many years ago, but I don’t remember which brand nor the exact name of the product. I made two scarves: one measures 49.5″ long by 5.5″ wide, and the other 63″ long by 5.5″ wide. I gave the longest one to an employee at work.

These two were worked in the round, so they have a tubular-like appearance; I’ll post a photo next time of what the opening looks like. Overall, they turned out nice. I think these are great and quick gifts to make for people 🙂


Other Yarncraft

Earlier this month, I picked up my needles and got back into knitting. I was able to quickly re-learn casting on, the knit stitch, and purl stitch. I also learned several different ways of casting on, and a couple of ways in working the knit stitch and purl stitch.

I must say that I think you need to have a little more dexterity with knitting, because you’re handling and working with another tool, along with the challenge of the yarn slipping and sliding on the needles. But I know that with ongoing experience, all of that can be managed easily and efficiently.

I also got back into loom knitting with the circular or round looms.  I have yet to knit with the long, rectangular looms, which I plan to include in my yarncraft. Loom knitting definitely produces items quicker than needle knitting or crocheting. To me, I think using thicker yarns is ideal for loom knitting.

YouTube has greatly helped in relearning these methods, while learning new things within the craft. I’ve learned that each method of yarncraft can be used for specific projects, at least personally to me.