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In recent years, whenever there’s an announcement of a special moon, such as a supermoon or blood moon, the sky is always cloudy in my area. So it’s been somewhat disappointing that I haven’t been able to personally view these events.

There’s supposed to be a supermoon visible overnight from January 1 to 2, yet it happens to be more than cloudy this Monday evening; it’s a blanket of cloud coverage in all directions. Plus there’s a wind storm with drizzling rain. The sky and weather was the same earlier in the day, except that the wind picked up as the night progressed.

I wish that everyone receives what they need to improve and progress, all for the better.


Started 10/17 or 10/18.

Update: This piece was finished in about a few weeks or less. I haven’t taken a photo of it yet; it’ll be posted eventually 😝

The user uploaded the video on August 31, 2017. She is in north Texas in the Dallas area. Towards the end of the video, a guy says that the event was media-induced, although I haven’t checked myself, I don’t doubt. I was listening to a podcast, and the speaker also lives in Texas; he said what really happened is that there was a two-day delivery delay to the gas stations. Either the media misrepresented the information, or the info was correctly presented, yet people panicked their way to getting gas, thus causing an actual local shortage. 

I find this concerning, because, based on this observation, it would be most likely pandemonium if and when a greater crisis occurs. What’s the expression? “When shit hits the fan”?

Mostly for the fact that I’ve ventured back into knitting since December 2016, I am particularly impressed with this shawl that I finished knitting a couple of days ago.
The pattern is called Sweet Shawl. The item is described by; a link to the pattern website is provided within the post. The website is primarily in French, however there is some English translation, including the knit pattern instructions.

My finished shawl turned out smaller than the one displayed on the pattern website, because I different-sized knitting needles (used size 8 instead of 10.5). Yet it turned out that I’m able to wear the shawl comfortably while fitting nicely.

I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton! in colors Amethyst, Rosy, and Ivory. It’s a lovely colorway 🙂 Knitting needles used are US size 8 5 mm.

Crocheting has been given a rest for about a month, maybe two months, now. I still continue to knit; knitting washcloths, which are intended to be given as gifts.

My focus has also shifted to working again on origami and kirigami, making a few different models, such as elephants, stars, flowers, and butterflies. I felt particularly proud when I created my own model of a star, which I’d like to produce a tutorial demonstrating the creation 🙂

I’ve begun practicing yoga, which was something I’ve always wanted to do for many years, yet I didn’t have the drive to start. All of a sudden one day, I felt the spark to begin. I’m not doing any kind of rigorous circuits, which I feel isn’t necessary for me. My goal is to practice the moves not only for physical fitness. In a later post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the western practice of yoga.

Update 6/9: I’m considering unraveling this piece to use in a knitting project.

I started this piece about a week ago. I’ll update the details on what yarn I used later. Check out my first completed virus shawl at the previous post below or here 🙂

Crocheted Virus Shawl

This shawl turned out beautifully! It was started and finished during the last week of December 2016 (I have other finished items from 2016 that I still need to post). It was my first experience in working with a piece that produces a lace-type pattern.

I used Lion Brand Yarns Baby Soft in two colors of Lavender and Lemonade, one skein of each color, and crochet hook size G. For this particular piece, I made 12 or 13 rows. 

There are a number of tutorials that demonstrate the construction of this shawl. I used the following tutorial:

It looks like he’s crocheting single crochet stitches.

The yarn I used is I Love This Cotton! in Dark Denim, with a size I hook. There wasn’t a particular pattern I used. The band is made with single crochet (sc) stitches, crocheted in the back loop only (blo). The rest is made with double crochets (dc) and front post double crochets (fpdc).

With the cooler weather coming up, I made this specifically for my father 🙂

This scarf was made by using Caron’s “Lacy Scarf” pattern. I used two full skeins (left with less than seven feet of yarn) Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton! in Rosy, with a size I crochet hook. 

I followed the pattern as written, but did not add the fringes in order to create the infinity scarf. The final piece measures 8″wide and 63″ around.

It turned out so beautifully! And it wears very well. This will be given as a gift to my mother, which I’ve simply wrapped in blue tissue paper 🙂