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The user uploaded the video on August 31, 2017. She is in north Texas in the Dallas area. Towards the end of the video, a guy says that the event was media-induced, although I haven’t checked myself, I don’t doubt. I was listening to a podcast, and the speaker also lives in Texas; he said what really happened is that there was a two-day delivery delay to the gas stations. Either the media misrepresented the information, or the info was correctly presented, yet people panicked their way to getting gas, thus causing an actual local shortage. 

I find this concerning, because, based on this observation, it would be most likely pandemonium if and when a greater crisis occurs. What’s the expression? “When shit hits the fan”?


Knit Lace Shawl

My first knit lace shawl made with Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Weight yarn in Purple and with U.S. size 8/5.00 mm needles. The pattern, Fine Lace Sampler, is created by Kristin Omdahl.