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Knitting with double-pointed needles (DPNs) has been a mild intimidation to me in the past. When I saw pictures of items being knitted with DPNs, thoughts of “I don’t think I’ll ever do that” have come up. Those thoughts are based partly on seeing the messy appearance of three to five needles protruding from the item. The other basis is not understanding the purpose and scope of DPNs and not being familiar with using them. I haven’t had to use them until up to the point when I needed to decrease the crown of an adult beanie hat.

Other than decreasing the crown of a hat, I learned that it’s mainly small items–specifically with a small circumference–that are made using DPNs. Items such as gloves, toys and socks.

I’m currently working on a baby beanie hat. It was awkward starting out with the casting on of stitches and knitting the first few rounds (making sure the foundation chain doesn’t get twisted). The ease of handling and working the item and needles became easier as I progressed through more rounds. Plus I’m using aluminum needles, which are a little heavier than acrylic or wood.

Overall, it hasn’t been much trouble. Being the third day of using DPNs, I’m pretty comfortable in using them.


Knit Shawl (WIP)

Update 6/5: Less than 25% to finish. Need to get more yarn.